Govt. Approved Nasha  Mukti Kendra in Haridwar

At NEW GENERATION CARE FOUNDATION, we understand that the addiction recovery process can be quite stressful, as it not only impacts your physical and mental health but also your finances. 

Therefore, the programs at our Govt. Approved Nasha  Mukti Kendra in Haridwar are designed to help and suit everyone’s financial background. Our treatment process is cost-effective, and the packages that we offer are quite eco-friendly. 

Our affordable treatment programs at our Govt. Approved Nasha  Mukti Kendra in Haridwar have gained us immense popularity and trust among the people. We believe that every patient needs special care and compassion to get out of addiction.

We work with a motive to help patients get out of addiction and start their recovery journey. We make sure to offer you a pleasurable and luxurious experience at the most economical price. 

What does our Govt. Approved Nasha  Mukti Kendra in Haridwar offer?

If we talk about the treatment programs offered at our Leading Nasha  Mukti Kendra in Haridwar, here is the list.

1. We help patients by offering them one-on-one sessions with the most trusted licensed and experienced counselors.

2. We have medical staff members who offer you complete supervision and monitor you during your medical detoxification process.

3. As soon as the patient enters our Govt. Approved Nasha  Mukti Kendra in Haridwar, they go through a medical assessment, and based on that, the treatment is prepared for them with a personal touch.

4. Here at our Govt. Approved Nasha  Mukti Kendra in Haridwar, we provide the patient with clinical assessments, diagnosis, and treatment planning with a strategic approach.

5. Along with this, we also offer after-care therapy to all our patients. This ensures that the patient gets the right relapse prevention therapy to reduce any chances of relapse.

6. At our Govt. Approved Nasha  Mukti Kendra in Haridwar, we treat patients by offering them individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and couple therapy. This helps one regain their bonds with their family and friends.

During this session, we have the patient and their family members understand the struggles of addiction and how they can support an addict during the recovery process.

7. We hold regular workshops and seminar sessions that help the patient cope with their surroundings and the treatment process. We have meditation and yoga workshops every morning. During the session, the patient learns the art of controlling their cravings and urges to use addictive substances.

8. Here, at our center, we help the patient by offering them nutritional therapy. This includes dietary supplements, a balanced diet, and nutritional knowledge. 


At our Govt. Approved Nasha  Mukti kendra in Haridwar, we offer the best to all our patients. We ensure that you get the care and treatment you deserve. Your treatment process is kept completely transparent, and you can ask any questions regarding the treatment process.

Also, we keep the addiction recovery process confidential, and we do not share any information with others. No information is shared with anyone without your consent! 

Get in touch with us, and we will make sure that you get all the right services. 

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