Govt. Approved Nasha  Mukti Kendra in Banur

NEW GENERATION CARE FOUNDATION is one of the most luxurious Govt. Approved Nasha  Mukti Kendra in Banur. We offer you personalized and innovative treatment programs that have treatment programs according to international standards. We are highly committed to providing you best treatment and helping the patient to reduce their dependency on any kind of addictive, substance or alcohol.

We believe that alcoholism and drug addiction are like a chronic disease, however, if managed properly, you can overcome it. We here follow a holistic treatment approach where we keep complete focus on the mind, body and soul of the individual.

Our treatment program revolves around behavioral and attitude change. We at the patient in starting a new healthy and worthwhile life.

At our Govt. Approved Nasha  Mukti, Kendra, in Banur, we offer you a safe, secure and comfortable environment. We ensure that this place feels like home. Our prime focus is to offer you healthy, nutritious food with the right accommodation. We keep a constant check on the patient’s dietary needs.

Effective treatment approach followed at our Govt. Approved Nasha  Mukti, Kendra in Banur

Our Govt. Approved Nasha  Mukti Kendra in Banur, we offer you an effective addiction, recovery treatment program. We follow a 12-step program approach where we focus on the complete eradication of addictive substances from a patient’s body.

We make sure that the patient is free from the use of any kind of alcohol or narcotic drugs. We do organise yoga and meditation sessions daily. These are an integral part of a treatment approach.

Staff members at our Govt. Approved Nasha  Mukti Kendra in Banur are highly educated and know how to deal with an addicted person. They make sure that you get the utmost comfort and safety. They make sure to listen to your feelings and emotions patiently. Our doctors and other medical staff have always received a good and positive response from all the other patients.

Our prime mission is to help individuals of all age groups eradicate addiction from their lives. We create addiction awareness and help an individual to live a healthy life.

Our vision is to make India a better place which is away from the clutches of alcohol and drugs. Our Govt. Approved Nasha  Mukti Kendra in Banur helps individuals and families in changing their lives.

Why choose our Govt. Approved Nasha  Mukti Kendra in Banur?

We have offered a 98% success, recovery rate to our patients. They have had the best experience and effective treatment. We provide you with a complete combination of medication, specialize, supervision and therapy. Our treatment process works on the fact that one needs to start gaining control of their life. Only with the help of willpower you can control your age and stop using addictive substances.

Our Govt. Approved Nasha  Mukti Kendra in Banur is situated near a lush green location. We offer you five-star facilities with all the luxurious and advanced features. We give proper phases on the mental health of the patient as well.

Here you get routine checks and meet up with your counsellors. They help in recognizing your flaws and how you can get rid of addiction. Our dedicated team of counsellors and therapists help you out.

Give us a call and our Govt. Approved Nasha  Mukti Kendra in Banur will help you to the best.

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